Aptamil 1 First Baby Milk Powder, From Birth, 800g

UGX 110,000

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Aptamil First Infant Milk Formula From Birth 800g Aptamil First Milk Formula Powder is a nutritionally complete breast milk substitute, allowing you the option of combination feeding. It’s enriched with a special fat blend, similar to those found in nature, ensuring baby has the best start in life. It makes a great breast milk substitute as it contains the same nutritional value and is just as good for your baby. Aptamil baby formula gives you the option of combination feeding.

The formula helps to supports your baby’s natural immune system and is enriched with a special fat blend that will help them feel full and satisfied. Aptamil baby formula also contains nucleotides which will provide them with a sufficient amount of nourishment. Give your baby the perfect amount of nutrition they need today by introducing them to Aptamil First Milk Formula Powder.


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